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This page may contain affiliate links. If you buy from a link, we may earn a small commission. Learn more.

27 Latest Coffee Consumption Statistics & Facts


Nothing gets you going like a freshly ground coffee. While Brits have a reputation of being a tea-loving nation, these coffee consumption statistics show we also like our brew.

UK Coffee Consumption Statistics & Facts

  1. Brits drink around 95 million cups of coffee a year. (Centre for Economics and Business Research)
  2. The UK ranks 44th on the global coffee consumption list with Finland taking the top spot. (The National Coffee Association)
  3. 27% of coffee drinkers in the UK drink two cups per day. (Statista)
  4. Baby boomers and older drink the most coffee per day with Generation Z drinking the least. (Roast & Post)
  5. 55+-year-olds choose americano as their favourite type of coffee drink while younger generations (18-34-year olds) prefer lattes and americanos. (The Kent & Sussex Tea & Coffee Co)
  6. In a survey of 2,000 adults in 2018, 1/3 admitted they don’t drink any coffee. (The British Coffee Association)
  7. The same study concluded that 54% of coffee drinkers in the UK are men. (The British Coffee Association)
  8. The first cup of coffee is usually enjoyed at 9:01 am in the UK. (Iceni Magazine)
  9. The British East India Company popularised coffee in Britain. (Coffee Aid)
  10. The first coffeehouse in England opened its doors in Oxford in 1652. (Historic UK)
  11. It is thought that in 1674, British women may have tried to ban coffee because they claimed it was turning British men into “useless corpses”. (Smithsonian Magazine)
  12. High-street coffee shops earn over £4bn annually from coffee sales. (Mintel)
  13. A coffee shop cappuccino costs £2.75 on average. (XTB)
  14. In 2019, 32% of coffee shops were branded chains and 27% independent operators. (Statista)
  15. Costa Coffee was the largest coffee shop chain in the UK in 2022. (Statista)
  16. 16% of Brits go to coffee shops every day with 80% admitting they visit coffee shops at least once a week. (the British Coffee Association)
  17. A survey of 2,000 adults in 2020 found that Londoners have increased their caffeine intake the most compared to other coffee drinkers in England. (The Kent & Sussex Tea & Coffee Co)
  18. 80% of drinkers enjoy instant coffee at home. (the British Coffee Association)
  19. Although instant coffee is favoured, 39% of Brits do have a coffee machine of some kind at home as well. (Iceni Magazine)
  20. Millennials are starting to enjoy single-serve coffee pods. (The British Coffee Association)
  21. 34% of surveyed coffee drinkers prefer Nescafe with the second place going to Kenco with 15% of the votes. (The Kent & Sussex Tea & Coffee Co)
  22. Brits spend on average £0.44 per week on coffee. (Statista)
  23. 53% of UK coffee drinkers say the taste is the most important decision followed by price. (The Kent & Sussex Tea & Coffee Co)
  24. 18-34-year olds also favour sustainable coffee choices. (The Kent & Sussex Tea & Coffee Co)
  25. The first ever webcam was created to film coffee by students at Cambridge University. (Guinness World Records)
  26. Latin America accounted for around half of all British coffee imports in 2019. (The Centre for the Promotion of Imports)
  27. There are 115 tea and coffee processing businesses in the UK. (Statista)
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